Dog walking and pet sitting services for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals.

Happy Hounds
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Please let us know if you're interested in our great services.  We promise your pets will thank you for having us play with them!
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Happy Hounds
  • Daily dog walks and pet care Monday thru Friday while you're at work.  Usually mid-day.  Earlier or later times or weekends can be arranged due to your schedule or for animals needing scheduled medication administration.*

  • Pet sitting while you're on vacation Sunday thru Saturday.  Multiple visits during the day can be arranged.

*If your pet is on medication that requires administering at a precise time every day, PLEASE make sure you make the sitter aware of what times they're needed, and how it's to be administered.  If the sitter is unaware of precise times and administration techniques that are needed to tend to your pet, the sitter is not held accountable for any medical issue that happens to the pet as a result.  A veterinary release form must be signed and dated by the owner and sitter prior to the first day of service.  All veterinary expenses incurred while the pet is in the sitter's care must be paid back to the sitter within three days of the owner's return.