Dog walking and pet sitting services for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals.

Happy Hounds
About Happy Hounds
Happy Hounds has been in business since 2011. Started purely out of doing favors for friends and family a few years ago, we decided to expand to the neighbors since our friends and their pets seemed to like what we do for them so much.  Letting your pets stay at home while you're on vacation makes them happier than staying in a kennel in a cage where they're confused and miss you.  Sure, they miss you while they're home alone, too, but at least they're in their environment with their things and your scent.  When we come over and pay attention to them they enjoy it.  And even if we're just taking your dog(s) out for a walk while you're at work it makes them feel loved because someone was there for them.  We are truly dedicated to making your pets feel at home when you're not.  
Ali, Owner/Operator
I have been pet sitting for friends and family for 5 years and have had pets of my own my entire life. Experience with dogs of all sizes, cats, birds, small animals and fish.  Graduate of Mt. Lebanon High School; Currently attending ballroom dance classes with the ultimate goal of teaching dance to people of all ages.